Belief In Positive Change

At Neoteric 365, we believe in the transformative power of technology to create a better world. Our ‘Tech for Social Good’ initiative is our commitment to creating a positive impact beyond profit margins. We are excited to provide our services and solutions at no cost or low cost to the first three Nonprofit we collaborate with each year.

What We Offer?

We understand that nonprofit organizations often face budget constraints, making it challenging to access the technology and expertise they need. That’s why we are excited to step up and make a change.

Free Advisory

We offer our advisory services absolutely FREE. Yes, you read that right! Our experts will work hand-in-hand with your organization to unlock opportunities, design strategies, and craft tailored solutions.

No Profit Implementation

We know that every penny counts in the nonprofit world. That's why we provide technology implementation services at an extremely low cost. We will not take any profits for the first three months. Our goal? Help you achieve more while spending less.

Low Cost Support

We're here to ensure your applications run smoothly so you can focus on your mission. That’s why we commit to a low cost model that will fit your budget.

Join the Movement

Neoteric 365 proudly supports Microsoft's vision of empowering Nonprofit with technology. Whether you're an established organization or just starting out, our 'Tech for Social Good' initiative is your ticket to a brighter, tech-enabled future.

Check out our Nonprofit for more details.